What is Cuckolding?

People in the cuckolding scene are people who live an alternative lifestyle turning what was once a thing of shame into a sexual game.

The Cuckolding scene include people who;

  • Men who enjoy being "humiliated" by their hotwife having sexual relationships with other men.
  • Men who enjoy watching their Hotwife or girlfriend have sex with someone else.
  • Men who enjoy their hotwife having sex with other men and then coming home to tell them about their adventures.
  • Men who enjoy cleaning the sperm of other men from their hotwifes body or pussy after she has "Cuckolded him".
  • Men who like their hotwives getting pregnant with other men.
  • Cuckolds come from every walk of life, from every age group and most races.

Cuckolding is where a couple in a relationship enjoy fulfilling their Cuckold fantasies.

It is quite common for a Cuckold Husband to be tasked with finding potential Bulls for his Hotwife. He will advertise for Bulls, and make a shortlist for his wife to choose from.

The Hotwife always chooses her Bulls. It is often part of the "humiliation" of the Cuckold that the Bull will be better endowed thatn the Cuck.

Cuckolding can involve a lot of different fantasies - Read more about Cuckold Fantasies here